Take-over the operation of the NTS in the Republic of Moldova

Published: 9/19/2023 12:55:49 PM

IRIS Code: 2A085


TRANSGAZ takes over today the operation of the National Gas Transmission System of the Republic of Moldova by its subsidiary, Vestmoldtransgaz


Today, the 19th of September 2023, SNTGN TRANSGAZ SA, by its subsidiary of the Republic of Moldova, Vestmoldtransgaz SRL (VMTG), the company which operates, maintains and dispatches the gas transmission pipeline Ungheni-Chisinau and is certified according to the ownership unbundling model, takes over the operation, maintenance, gas transmission and dispatching activities in the Republic of Moldova from Moldovatransgaz SRL.

On 4 September 2023, Vestmoldtransgaz signed the contract on the lease of the gas transmission networks of this country under which it will take over, starting with the 19th of September, the operation, maintenance, gas transmission and dispatching activities in the Republic of Moldova from the operator Moldovatransgaz SRL – a contract that was approved by the Energy Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Moldova.

The designation of VMTG as sole operator of the gas transmission system of the Republic of Moldova is the consequence of Moldovatransgaz’ failure to meet the unbundling and certification requirements according to the Third EU Energy Package, of Directive 2009/72/EC concerning common rules for the internal market in electricity and of Law 108/27.05.2016.

On this occasion, Transgaz’ Director General, Mr. Ion STERIAN, stated: „By taking over the operation, maintenance, gas transmission and dispatching activities from Moldovatransgaz, Vestmoldtransgaz will manage the entire gas infrastructure of the Republic of Moldova.

The investments Transgaz made on the territory of Romania, the NTS developments in the North-Eastern part of the country: the Gas Pipeline Onesti-Gheraesti-Letcani, the upgrading of the compressor stations Silistea and Onesti 2, the construction of the compressor stations Onesti 1 and Gheraesti, the Interconnection Iasi-Ungheni are strategic investments amounting to approximately EUR 430 million.

These investments have created the conditions for diversifying the sources and routes of natural gas supply, increasing the degree of security of natural gas supply for this winter and for the coming years, as well as the possibility of extending the NTS of Moldova in order to connect households and industrial consumers that do not yet have access to these resources to the gas distribution networks to be developed later.

Now, after having taken over the NTS operation, Vestmoldtransgaz is planning to reupdate the 10-Year NTS Development Plan, which will be published on the company's website as soon as possible.

Transgaz achieves growing international recognition and boosts the confidence of our investors, who are investors in a Romanian multinational company in the energy sector.

I trust Transgaz’ and Vestmoldtransgaz’ teams and I am confident that the good practices that have turned our company into a leading company in Romania will be rapidly adopted and put in place in the Republic of Moldova, thus contributing to the increase in this country’s energy security.”