Report according art. 82 Law 24/2017

Published: 10/10/2019 10:39:44 AM

IRIS Code: 7F7D3


Current Report as per art. 82 under Law 24/2017 on concluding certain legal documents with persons involved with the shareholders controlling the company

Reporting date: 10.10.2019

Name of the issuing entity: Societatea Nationala NUCLEARELECTRICA S.A.

Registered office: Strada Polona nr. 65, Sector 1, Bucuresti

Phone/fax number: 021-203.82.00 / 021 316.94.00

Sole Registration Code with the Trade Register Office: 10874881 Order number: J40/7403/1998

Subscribed and paid share capital: lei


Regulated market on which the issued securities are traded: Bucharest Stock Exchange


 To:                              Bucharest Stock Exchange

                                    Financial Supervisory Authority


 Important event to be reportedTransaction of the kind listed in Art. 82 of Law No. 24/2017 regarding the issuers of financial instruments and market operations

 Societatea Nationala Nuclearelectrica S.A. ("SNN") informs the shareholders and the investors about the conclusion, on 08.10.2019, of certain legal documents with a cumulated value greater than 50,000 Euro, with the National Authority for Nuclear Technologies – The Institute for Nuclear Research Pitesti (“RATEN-ICN”) entity involved with the Romanian state, the majority shareholder of SNN.

 Details on the contracts concluded by SNN, as beneficiary, containing information about the contract object and total value, about mutual receivables, guarantees and payment terms and methods, are showed in Appendix 1.


 Cosmin Ghita

 Chief Executive Officer



Parties to the legal document

Number and date of the legal document

Legal document type

Object of the document

Total amount

Mutual receivables

Issued guarantees

Payment terms and methods



SNN SA -   National Authority for Nuclear Technologies – The Institute for Nuclear Research Pitesti


Contract for use and servitude

Exercise of rights of use and servitude in order for the connection to the public natural gas distribution network according to art. 113 of Law no. 123/2012


18.000 Euro/An



454.686,87 lei

Letter Guarantees:

41.688 eur





38.568,99 lei

5 working days from the receipt of the invoice, drawn up on the first day of the month, at the BNR exchange rate valid on the day the invoice was issued


Annex 1 to the current report as per art. 82 of the Law 24/2017