Report according art. 82 Law 24/2017

Published: 1/14/2020 6:45:06 PM





Financial Supervisory Authority

Bucharest Stock Exchange

Current report

                                        pursuant to Article 82 of Law 24/2017 on the conclusion of certain legal acts with shareholders holding control of the company


Date of report 14.01.2020

Name of the issuing entity: S.C. CONTED S.A.

Headquarters: Dorohoi, 1 Decembrie Street no. 8, Botosani County

Number Trade Register Office: J07/107/1991

Unique Registration Code: RO622445

Subscribed share capital: 2,284,360.06

Trading Market: B.V.B. - Standard




            SC CONTED S.A. Dorohoi, informs shareholders and investors about the conclusion of a contract with a cumulative value of more than 50,000 euros with S.C. HMD S.A.R.L. France, legally represented by Mr Hamidi Haissam, the controlling shareholder. Details of the contract are listed in the following table:


Contract data

Contractual clauses stipulated in the contract

Contracting Parties

Buyer - S.C. HMD S.A.R.L. France

Seller - S.C. Conted S.A. Dorohoi

Date of conclusion and nature of the contract

04.05.2011, Contract for Processing and Sale - Purchase

Subject of the contract

cooperation and cooperation in the commercial operations resulting from the processing of the raw materials, materials and accessories from the buyer-beneficiary, also in the commercial operations resulting from the processing of the possible raw materials, materials and accessories provided to the buyer - beneficiary of the producer - producer, upon request to the purchaser - beneficiary in accordance with the technical specifications and details provided by the buyer - beneficiary to the manufacturer - seller on the products included in the annexes to this contract.

The value of the contract

356,038.02 Euro


529,521.05 Euro


  10,487.79 Euro

Guarantees established

the value of the raw materials, materials and accessories accepted by the seller - manufacturer as collateral is quoted at 60% of the value stated on the invoices issued by the buyer - beneficiary and must always cover the value of the invoices that have not been paid

Terms and payment methods

the purchaser - beneficiary will pay the seller - manufacturer against invoice and transport documents the price of the products within 30 days from the delivery of the goods to the buyer - beneficiary, if at the manufacturer 's premises there are raw materials, materials and accessories brought by the purchaser - beneficiary for processing considered as pledge. Otherwise, payment will be made before delivery.



Chairman of the Board of Directors,

Eng. Hamidi Haissam