Manager's transactions - art.19 MAR

Published: 1/17/2020 4:59:00 PM

IRIS Code: 0B536



according to the  F.S.A. Regulation no. 5/2018 on issuers of financial instruments and market operations



Report date: 17.01.2020

Name of the issuer: Societatea de Investitii Financiare OLTENIA S.A.

Headquarters: Dolj County, Craiova, 1 Tufanele Street, postal code 200767

Phone/Fax: 0251-419.335 / 0251-419.340

Fiscal Registration Code: RO 4175676

Order number at the Trade Register: J16/1210/30.04.1993

FSA Register Number:PJR071AFIAA/160004/15.02.2018  

LEI Code: 254900VTOOM8GL8TVH59
Depozitory-Custodian: Raiffeisen Bank S.A.
Depozitory: Depozitarul Central Bucuresti

Share capital subscribed and paid: 58,016,571 lei

Regulated market on wich the issued securities are traded on: Bucharest Stock Exchange – Shares, Premium Tier (market symbol SIF5)


Important event to report :

Investor information-Notification of the transactions carried out by the persons with management duties and/or persons closely linked therewith 


S.I.F. Oltenia S.A. informs the investors on the transactions with the issuers shares carried out on 15.01.2020 by the persons with management duties and/or persons closely linked therewith. 

The transactions have been notified to the issuer complying with the capital market legislation and are attached to the present document.


There are no other events to report.



Associate Prof. PhD ec. Tudor Ciurezu

Chairman / General Manager