Availability of Sustainability Report for 2019

Published: 6/30/2020 9:46:39 AM

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    OMV Petrom's mission is to supply energy, in a cleaner and sustainable way

    Through sustained investments, the intensity of carbon emissions from operations decreased by 22% in 2019 compared to 2010

    We respond to stakeholder expectations and invest in our communities: in 2019, we contributed EUR 13.5 million in social projects


OMV Petrom, the largest integrated energy company in Southeastern Europe, has published the Sustainability Report for 2019. The report details the objectives and achievements set out in the company's Sustainability Strategy 2019-2025, and was prepared in line with the Global Reporting Initiative standard (GRI), the most recognized international reporting standard for sustainability. 

Christina Verchere, CEO OMV Petrom: “The world is going through an unprecedented crisis, which has occurred at a time of profound transformation for the energy sector. In the context of the climate change agenda and the European Green Deal, we, at OMV Petrom, aim to be part of the solution for the energy transition. And we do so by fulfilling our mission of providing energy for Romania, in a cleaner and sustainable manner. Through our investments, we have reduced the emissions of our operations by 22% in 2019, compared to 2010. Our Sustainability Report shows our progress towards achieving all our targets for 2025 while providing the energy we all need.” 

OMV Petrom Sustainability Report for 2019 complements the Annual Report for 2019 and presents the company's non-financial information, in the following main areas of the sustainability strategy: health, safety, security and environment (HSSE); carbon efficiency; business principles and social responsibility; innovation and employees. 

Environment: carbon efficiency, water and waste management

We continued our investments in decreasing GHG emissions resulting in a reduction by 22% compared to our baseline 2010.

Last year, we commissioned several large projects which, through the use of innovative and state-of-the-art technologies, have contributed to improving the environmental footprint. These include the Polyfuels unit at the Petrobrazi refinery and the Hurezani gas hub in Asset Oltenia, with total investments of EUR 115 million.

In 2019, the total amount of water withdrawal decreased by 55% compared to 2010 and 53% of the total waste generated was recycled. One of the projects successfully implemented last year is the modernization of the water station in Sacuieni, which currently provides fully automatic control of water flow, in order to prevent losses.

The company continued its efforts to minimize its impact on the environment, with total investments of over EUR 214 million for the environment. 

Social impact

The company directly employs over 12,000 people and indirectly generates further tens of thousands of jobs. The health, safety and security of our employees, as well as the protection of the environment are key areas for the company, and our goal is to prevent all accidents and losses.

An important factor is represented by the employees’ development, for which over 270,000 training hours were organized last year. With regards to diversity, we bring together four generations, 38 nationalities, while women account for more than 23% of the organization and 26% at management level. 

In 2019, we invested EUR 13.5 million in projects for communities, the biggest project being the support for the construction of the first pediatric oncology hospital in Bucharest. We planted 72,500 trees and carried out community programs and social investments in over 350 local communities in Romania through our "Andrei's Country" platform. 

Another important project that we started in 2019 is “Romania Eficienta”. This project supports initiatives in the field of energy efficiency, based on the premise that education and efficient energy management can contribute to environmental protection and cost reduction. 

Governance and business ethics 

The company promotes high standards of business ethics, with zero tolerance for any form of corruption. In this regard, the company provides all stakeholders with compliance reporting mechanisms that include email addresses and telephone lines available 24/7.

The report and information on OMV Petrom's sustainability initiatives are available at Download the full 2019 Sustainability Report here.

The print version of the Sustainability Report can also be obtained at the company’s headquarters located in 22 Coralilor Street, district 1, Bucharest (“Petrom City”). However, we recommend accessing the reports in electronic format on the company's website, avoiding as much as possible the request and obtaining them in print version from the company's headquarters.




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