Application to suspend the execution of the EGMS Resolution of 06.03.2019

Published: 4/15/2019 6:30:35 PM

IRIS Code: 0F22F







No. 3488/15.04.2019


To:          Bucharest Stock Exchange

                Financial Supervisory Authority

-          Financial Instruments and Investments Sector



According to Law no. 24/2017 and F.S.A. Regulation no. 5/2018 

Report date: 15.04.2019


S.I.F. Transilvania S.A.

Headquarters: 2, Nicolae Iorga Street, Brasov 500057

Telephone: +40 268 415529, 416171; Fax: +40 268 473215, 473216

Tax registration code: RO3047687

Order number in the Trade Register: J08/3306/92

Registration number in the NSC Register: PJR 09 SIIR/080004

LEI Code (Legal Entity Identifier): 254900E2IL36VM93H128

Subscribed and paid-in share capital: RON 218,428,666.40

Regulated market on which the issued securities are traded: Bucharest Stock Exchange (ticker: SIF3)


Important event to be reported: Application to suspend the execution of the E.G.M.S. Resolution of 06.03.2019

S.I.F. Transilvania informs the shareholders and investors that on 15.04.2019 it has received a summons in the Case File no. 1380/62/2019 pending before the Brasov Tribunal whose subject - matter is the application for interim measures, whereby Mrs. Victoria Cucinschi – in the capacity as a shareholder of the Company – has requested the suspension of the execution of the provisions of art. 2 of the Resolution no. 1/06.03.2019 of the Extraordinary General Meeting of S.I.F. Transilvania’s Shareholders.

We recall that according to article 2 of the above mentioned E.G.M.S. Resolution the shareholders approved the implementation of a buy-back program for own shares representing 7.5% of the Company’s share capital.


Mihai Fercala

Executive President/CEO


Iulian Stan                                                                 

Executive Vice President/Deputy CEO

Marcus Valeriu Marin

Compliance Officer