Main characteristics of the Issuer Reporting Informational System ('IRIS')

 Web based – IRIS is a web based system, without the need to have any software downloading / instalation. It can be accessed from any personal computer with internet access, for a greater flexibility.

 Possibility to upload Word files – announcements can be prepared in Microsoft Word to have a better control over the format. Word documents can be uploaded directly in IRIS format, without the need of a pre-conversion in another format.

 Quick and automatic conversion into html format to become available immediately for revision.

 Uploading of additional files – multiple PDF files can be uploaded, giving ghe possibility to provide additional information to the announcement.

 Online editing – allows the editing of the content by using an intuitive interface (similar with Word), without the need to request updates of the announcements by BVB or needing any knowledge in html programming.

 Possibility to prepare the announcement in advance to be published at a later date (embargo date) or only after a phone confirmation (phone embargo).

 Security – the platform offers security with regards to the autentification, authorization, access montoring and traffic encryption through industry standards.

 Structured on levels of access – users with limited access that can only access the platform, add / edit the announcements, upload the supporting files and standard users which, in addition to the first category, are authorized to transmit the announcements for publishing.

 Possibility for real time monitoring of announcements.

 Possibility to save the announcements for further processing by the same user / another user of the reporting entity.

 In case a report is noncomplianat, the users can be informed through the system facilities about the reason for the rejection of the report, so that necessary revisory measures could be taken.