About IRIS

Issuer Reporting Informational System

IRIS - Issuers Reporting Information System - is the new reporting system developed by the Bucharest Stock Exchange, available to issuers whose shares are admitted to trading on both the regulated market and AeRO. It is a platform intended to increase market transparency by providing a fast, secure and reliable communication system for dissemination of the issuer’s reports in text format (HTML).

IRIS offers companies a mechanism at the highest international standards for public dissemination in a fast and efficient way of regulatory reports and announcements and to investors, analysts and distributors of market data, integrated information in a format accessible for data processing. Reports are submitted in Microsoft Word format and additional documents may be attached in PDF format, which can contain other information (tables, graphs) in a particular design, including documents signed by hand.

The main objective of this platform is increasing the level of standardization of regulatory reporting system, turning it into a product that can be easily integrated and processed electronically in order to transform information into an effective system for determining the price.

By launching this product BSE continues the efforts to align with market best practices by offering listed companies a robust and efficient communication channel, allowing a more complete and rapid way for information to reach investors. Publishing reports using IRIS and BSE downstream distribution channels to financial portals will ensure dissemination of global reach, bringing in investors' attention issuers listed on the BSE.